Accessories for mascots

Accessories and spare parts for mascots
We make spare gloves, shoes, feet, tail, hoof, ear, hair…. on demand. Do you have an old mascot, missing a body part? Are the shoes already worn out? We can equip mascots with accessories for easy and efficient animation. We can add winter or summer options, cheerleading equipment, skis, hats, jewelry, caps, watches, flags, bags, Santa’s hats, etc.

Stands for mascots
Some mascots should not be stored in a position in which they can lose their shape! Therefore we recommend a stand, which will keep the mascot `s shape. The stand is small and practical. Order it together with the mascot to prevent the risk of deformation.

Bags for mascots
Mascots are easily transferred to animation venue and back. The bag protects it from the weather and dirt. Transportation is easier and simpler. There is no need to be afraid that the mascot would get dirty during the transport, because the bag is easier to wash than a mascot. Bags are made of two different materials: parachute cloth or leatherette. The bags come in size M, L, XL or on request.