From the idea to the mascot

The process of creating a mascot takes place in three steps!



If you already have an idea, a big problem is solved. The idea in the form of a drawing, a sketch, 3D design, etc. … will speed up the process and the mascot can go immediately into production. Do you have an idea in your head only or you don’t have it at all? Contact us and we will develop it together to its final look.


After a detailed discussion with you, we draw design of the mascot with corrections to fulfill your expectation. Once you approve it, the mascot goes immediately into production.


Once the sketch is approved, the mascot goes into production. We select materials, the size and all the details set before … and the skilled hands of our team will create a wonderful

Ordering of sketches, proposals, creative solutions, etc, without the mascot is not possible!

If you withdraw the order of mascot, in the middle of the creative process, we will charge you for creative solution (design of the mascot)!

For additional information and clarification, we are available 24/7 on cell phone 031 471 989 – ask for Tomi.
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