Frequently asked questions

We would like to have a mascot but have no idea. What to do?
Simply call or email us. Together we will come up with an idea and a final result. We have an idea, but we do not have a picture, drawing… We can provide the sketch. Together, we form it to mutual satisfaction.


How long does it take from the idea to the final mascot?
Time of the sketch finalization and the mascot production is very different. It depends on several factors, mainly on the sequence of the orders. Usually 1-6 weeks.

What about the delivery?
We send mascots by mail or deliver them in person, free of charge.

What about the copyrights?
By paying the bill, all the rights belong to the client. We reserve the right to publish photographs of a mascot for marketing purposes.

What is the “life time” of a mascot?
The mascot can perform its mission for a long time. With proper handling, storage and cleaning, there are no worries for several years.