Maintenance of mascots

Proper care of a mascot extends its durability and keeps it in good condition.


Make a detailed review of a mascot before use and let it freshen in the air for a while. One should clear any irregularities. Iron where necessary and permitted.

Animators should be instructed how to wear a mascot in order it does not get damaged and dirty. Extra care is needed when taking it on or off. Do not put the mascot or its parts on the floor, do not drag its legs on the ground when dressing and undressing. When wearing a mascot, animator should avoid narrow doors, gateways and sitting in a car, because the mascot might get damaged and dirty. Avoid people with hands full of food or ice cream. Do not allow to be pulled by the ears, tail, fur…

Carefully take the mascot off so it does not get dirty. All parts must be dried. Do not store mascots in a plastic bag. Mascot, which has a specific shape, must be stored properly so it does not lose its shape. It is best to hang it on a rack. Mascots are carried in dedicated bags. Do not hold and lift up mascots at projected parts (nose, ears, tail, hair …).