Why choose us?

  • 20 years of creating and experience
    Mileage gives us an advantage over other.
  • Superior materials
    We use quality materials from Slovenia and abroad.
  • Artistic flair
    Our designers are artistic soul.
  • Quick response and kindness
    We respond to your call 24/h per day. We reply on e-mails within a few hours.
  • Reliability
    Arrangements and production deadlines are always kept.
  • Free design and creative development of mascots
    You pay only production of the mascots.
  • Free Shipping
    Mascot is delivered free by mail or personal delivery.
  • Durability
    Quality construction and materials prolong the service life of mascots.
  • Service
    Guaranteed cleaning service and repair mascots
  • Animation team
    You do not have animators? They canceled at the last minute? Give us a call.
  • Made in Slovenia
    Not Made in China